Why The Maids?

We Answer The PhoneWe care about our customers and our employees and we can prove it.

We answer the phone! How many other maids services have a real person answer the phone, and in 99% of calls if you are a regular customer, we’ll even know who you are. On the rare occasion that we are unavailable to answer your call, or outside of office hours, just leave us a message and we will promptly return your call. Try it!

We ask for feedback from every cleaning. Our online “Customer Feedback” form allows you to rate each team member’s job in their home. We use this to evaluate our cleaning and training efforts. Additionally, it provides positive feedback to our team members; for work well done and they receive a “Kudos” pinned to their equipment cubby for everyone to see.

We also use specifically designed equipment and selected supplies. The products we use have been pre-tested to ensure their effectiveness, leaving the home clean, disinfected and deodorized. The Maids cleaning products are nontoxic and environmentally preferable. Our one-of-a-kind, backpack vacuum features a four-filtered, micro-filtration system, which captures particles down to 1/210th the diameter of a human hair. In fact, our system vacuums 52 percent more dirt and contaminants than other vacuums. Nobody gets your home cleaner.

We send same team to your home every time, and every time, each team member performs the same function.

We maintain computerized records of each customer. We always encourage homeowners to communicate with us, especially in the beginning when we are getting to know you and your home. If we don’t clean as you expect, or don’t clean something you thought we would, call us and we’ll make a note in your profile. Every time the Team comes to your home, the team leader reads the profile to the team members and reminds them of things that are important to you. In this way, we can clean your home exactly as you would like.

We Clean Everything!All our employees are hourly paid. They are paid from the time the car leaves our office until they return. (Lunchtime is not paid). Most other maid services pay their employees a percentage of the price you pay, regardless of the time they spend cleaning your home, thereby providing a great incentive to rush and cut corners. We give our employees the time they need to get the job done right.

We provide the cars. Most other maid services make the employees use their own cars. This causes unreliable service because if your maid’s car breaks down (and this pre-supposes that they even send the same maid) chances are your maid isn’t coming to work so either your house won’t get cleaned, or somebody else will be cleaning it!

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