Types of Cleaning

The Maids VacuumRegular Maid Service in Baltimore Maryland
This simply means allowing us to return on a fixed schedule in order to keep your home clean and healthy. We offer three cleaning frequencies but don’t forget that these are only guidelines. You decide how often you want your home cleaned.

Weekly Service
This is recommended for families with children and pets where dirt and dust build up quickly.

Every-Other-Week Service
This is the most common frequency and is most suitable for families with older children.

Every-Four-Week Service
This is recommended for older couples without children.

Regular maid service always begins with a “first-time deep clean” in which we take the time needed to get your home thoroughly clean. Because of the large variation in a home’s cleanliness we charge for the first-time clean on an hourly basis; simply put, you only pay for the time the team is cleaning in your home. After the initial visit there will be a lower set price based upon the number of rooms we are cleaning.

Contact us today to find out how much it will cost to have your home kept clean and healthy!

We Clean Bathrooms Like No OtherOne-Time Cleanings
In order to provide you with the maximum flexibility we offer one-time cleanings that are paid for on an hourly basis. One time cleans are typically scheduled for cleaning before or after a party (or both!) or for move-in or move-out cleans. A very popular gift is a whole house cleaning by The Maids for no other reason than giving Mom some badly needed time off! In an hourly clean, we agree on the amount of time the team will need to clean your home. If the team finishes the work in less time than agreed, your price will be adjusted down to reflect this. You only pay for the time the Team actually use.

If we find that the team needs more time than agreed, the Team Leader will let you know how much more time is needed and how much it will cost and ask you how you would like to proceed. In this instance, you can simply send the team on their way after the agreed time has been used, or you can authorize the team to stay longer and finish things. Under no circumstances will we do more work and spend your money without your express approval. In an hourly clean it is important that you prioritize the tasks that you would like completed. If you limit the time a team can spend cleaning, we may not get to clean everything.

If you want to limit the amount of time spent please let us know when you schedule your cleaning.

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